The twinstick with a twist...

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"What begins as a somewhat clunky, simple twin-stick shooter quickly blossoms into a strategic, thoughtful and immensely addictive little gem of a video game."

"When you can pull it off flawlessly, quickly and with style... the end-of-level bonuses make it all worthwhile"
"I simply can not see a reason why anyone sane would stop playing it. The mix of music, code, game mechanics and graphics scream PLAY ME and in the end, this is exactly what you will be doing too!"

"It's a smartly crafted twin-stick shooter that lets you play how you like, but really rewards careful, methodical play"

"As you are greeted with the title screen the nostalgic feelings of your youth come flooding back. The sounds, the images, the whole package, it encapsulates what made arcade gaming fun”

"Crunchy sound effects, techno voice samples and basic but bright graphics all lend itself to times gone by"

"It was something akin to the futuristic neon lit Noir setting of Bladerunner"

"With a fiendish score mechanic to keep us playing, this is right up there with TxK and Son of Scoregasm when it comes to laying out a joyous shooting experience"

"If you like pretty colours, amazing retro styled music and hi score battles...check out Scintillatron 4096! "

The challenge awaits....

A fast paced, high score challenge!
A rapid fire shoot 'em up that’s easy to play but difficult to master....
Build combos by destroying the enemies!
High score is life & world ranking glory is yours for the taking!

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There’s 45 trophies including a platinum!

Game Features

Leaderboard Glory

Dedicated hi- score tables with world & local rankings

Powerful Power Ups

Learn how to herd, repulse and attract with Power Ups!

Big bad boss waves!

Challenging levels and intense last wave survival

Extreme Enemies

Many enemies including the dreaded Hurry Up....

Local 2 player modes

Co-op mode

Battle deep as a co-operative team on a high score attack. Help defeat the enemies together and climb the world ranks.

Battle mode

Played over a series of rounds, the 2-player battle mode provides a compelling player vs player challenge for party and winner-stays-on play.

Classic arcade style with a modern twist?

We’ve tried to keep things old school and difficult but mixed this with some delicious modern visuals. With ultra HD quality and 4K at 60FPS on the Playstation®Pro we’re spoiling you with picture perfect quality!

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