We love playing and making games

We formed kFunction in 2017 when we decided to follow our passion and make gaming our world. Our aim is to create games that reward skill, give you an “I earned that” buzz and are just outright fun to play.

Our game creation journey started in the 1980’s with 8 bit home computers: C64 / Spectrum. We then worked on the wonderful Amiga for many years as part of the demo and game scene. In the 2000’s, we did our best to create a modern Elite (with just two people – lets just say it’s on pause and we’ll get there one day!) We now create games that are targeted at modern consoles, computers and mobile platforms.

Our founders are a techie duo from Dorset and in addition to the gaming world, they spent a lot of years, hours and travel miles on coding data protection software. It’s more fun than it sounds, but nothing like the moment you figure the exact right level of inertia for level 7 or precisely how powerful the bolt from the super-death-o-matic should be. 

Scintillatron 4096 is our latest game which was released on 18th December 2018. We have several other projects in active development as well as a number of ideas at the looking-good-on-paper stage.

Available NOW in the PlayStation store!

The Team

For company information, staff bios and more, head to kFunction.co.uk or click on the button below!